Slides + Video (below): The slides fully explain Pathway's input/output. The 1min:40sec video below shows the quick real-time use of Pathway from a user's perspective.


   Real-time video of Pathway being used to solve a word problem. 

      - Details about the word problem and the Pathway tutorial tool are provided in the slides above.

      - The following video (1 min: 40 sec) shows what you would "see" by looking over a student's sholder as she uses Pathway to enter and solve the word problem.

      - The video also shows how easy it is to change the unknown that the problems asks you to find, which is unique way to master the concepts

      - The paraphrased word problem being solved in the video is this: "Given some moles of an ideal gas going from an initial state with temperature T1 and pressure p1, to a final state with pressure p2, due to a process that performed some work W12 and added some heat Q12 to the substance, determine the final temperature T2."