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Based on years of teaching thermodynamics and our published research conducted at Purdue University, we have developed the first word-problem solver for engineering students learning thermodynamics.  A goal of ours is to increase the number of engineers that go on to provide more technological solutions to improve life for all.  Our means for doing so is by increasing the quality of engineering education, increasing the number of students that do well and complete the degree, and increasing the number of students that consider going into STEM if tools like Pathway are there to help them learn.

Our first subject target is Thermodynamics,  which is traditionally known at the most difficult subject for engineering students to master.  Thermodynamics touches all branches of engineering, and knowledge of the subject helps students develop critical problem-solving skills for subsequent coursework

Pathway is unlike any other solver available today because it addresses the greatest challenge in engineering education:  bridging the large gap bewteen the word problem and the resulting governing equation.  Our online tutorial software answers the most common questions asked in office hours (How to set up the problem? Which equations to use, and why?).  Pathway enables students of all performance levels to get the practice required to do well on exams, and Pathway enables students to virtually *explore* the world of thermodynamics.  


About the Leaky STEM Pipeline

Beginning with thermodynamics, Pathway will eventually expand to all areas of STEM education.  Presently, only about 60% of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) students ever complete their degrees, mainly due to the difficulty of the coursework.  And the retention rate for mechanical engineers is even lower, with only about 50% ever graduating. noodles

STEM is important

STEM professionals are the ones that create all or our technological advances that we all depend on.  The innovations developed by STEM professionals create new industries, create more jobs, and increase prosperity and the quality of life.  The reasons why we do not live in caves, why we can instantly speak to someone thousands of kilometers away, why we no longer have to hunt and gather, or why over a million people are flying above the clouds at this very moment, is due to the STEM community.  What if the number of STEM professionals doubled, trippled, or even quadroupled to 16% of graduates?  There'd be an exponential increase in the number and rate of medical advances and prosperity. 

What Pathway Can Do for You

Pathway will give you a comprehensive understanding of thermodynamics that will allow you to pursue your degree with confidence.  The problem-solving skills you gain will broaden your practical application of thermodynamics, further coursework, and throughout your engineering career.  For what you would ordinarily pay for a one hour of tutoring, you can have unlimited access to our online tutorial each month throughout the semester. Improve your problem-solving skills and go further in your career contributions with an affordable monthly subscription to Pathway.

Commerce policy

Let Pathway put you on the path to academic success with your thermodynamics course.  Immediately get your personal passcode for Pathway emailed to you by signing up for its monthly subscription.  Your personal passcode will enable you to immediately use the Pathway Tutorial Software over the Web at www.nanohub.org

  • You may cancel your subscription at anytime.
  • You may restart your subscription at anytime.
  • Each monthly charge enables an additional 30 days of access to Pathway 24/7.
  • Once a monthly charge is made, the charge is final.
  • Your subscription rate will not increase. 

Contact us about any questions at info@pathwayrocks.com  

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